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vegeta's dragonball Z/GT
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hey wuz up here you can find information on the greatest story ever writen

What is Dragonball ?
What is this thing Dragonball? well if you don't know what dragonball is then u have come to the right place and the right person me josh.Dragonball is a very popular Japanese anime created by Akira Toriyama.there are 3 series of dragonball.
Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT(grand Tour)the dragonball series started of as a manga in 1984 in a magazine called shonen 1986 in was made into a tv series.The main character and hero in all 3 series is Goku an alien from outta space called a saiya-jin(saiyan)
in the Dragonball series goku is just a kid and he meets bulma and the rest of the dragonball Gang and he and bulma go and collect the dragonball together.goku uses his strength and Bulma well she uses her ahh Womanly features ^_^.They met friends and enemy in this journey until they go their sperate ways.but they met again and again
Goku grows up a bit in dragonball and eventually gets Married to his wife chi Dragonball gokus enemy is a green guy called Piccolo he is also a alien but he is a Namek.

What Is a Dragonball?: A dragonball is a mysterious ball which have little red stars in them except for the blackstar dballs! There are 7 dragonballs and once all 7 dragonballs are brought together from all around the world a magical dragon will appear called Shenron.This dragon will grant anyone anywish that is in the creators power! Once the dragon has made a wish then the dragonballs will turn to stone and spred out across the earth.
There are 3 sets of dragonballs the earth dragonballs the namek dragonballs and the blackstar dragonballs.if you would like to know more on the differant types of dragonballs there are sections on our site that tell u a bit more about them.If the creator of the dragonballs dies the dragonballs will be turned to stone.

What Is Dragonball Z?: Well you must have some Idea of what this show is or you wouldn't be here.this is the story of Goku all grown up,he has a son called Gohan after his adoptive the start Gokus evil saiyan brother tells him about he being a siayn.He then Kidnapps Gohan and Piccolo and Goku fight radditz,they defeat him with the loss of Goku then Piccolo opens his big bloody mouth and tells Radditz what the dragonballs are radditz tells them that 2 strongers saiyan r on the way to earth.
Dragonball Z has more fighting and is more exiting and action packed.the most dramatic changes are made in dbz.Goku starts off as a low classed saiyan and then he turns a Super saiyan when fighting frieza.Then after lots of enemies news kids are born Gohan has a kid called pan it goes crazy.Becuz it is a kick ass show!

goku vs. vegeta

I have added some new pics and some henti animations so injoy!

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Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is vegeta even though hes stuburn he is one of the best worriors in dbz!