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vegeta's dragonball Z/GT


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Gogeta the fusion of goku and vegeta

Android #16: Created by Dr. Gero as an experiment, #16 was never meant to be activated. He is very tall is very strong. He is programed to kill Goku, but other then that, he is very loving and caring.
Android #17: Twin of Android #18. A young human like android boy. His sole purpose is to kill Goku. He kills Android #20/Dr. Gero.

Android #18: Twin of Android #17. A beutiful young human like android girl. Marries Kuririn and has a daughter named Marron.

Android #19: Has the ability to sap the energy from Ki attacks and physical contact. Fat, white, clown like Android.

Android #20 / Dr. Gero: Member of the Red Ribbon Army. He is the only member left after chibi-goku defeats the Red Ribbon Army. He creats Androids to kill goku. He then turned himself into an android. He is then killed by Android #17.

Baata: Is a member of the Ginyu force. He is very large and very fast.

Bardock: The Father of Goku. He is killed by Freeza.

Brolli: The original Super Saiyajin, Brolli exhibits tremendous power, even as an infant.

Bubbles: A monkey that helps train fighters that come to meet with King Kai.

Bulma: A highy inteligent, spunky young girl devoted to finding the Dragon Balls. She is the mother of Trunks.

Cell: A creation of Dr. Gero's, he was assembled using the DNA from the best fighters in the universe. He needed to absorb Android #17 and Android #18 to become perfect. He does absorb the two Android's. Cell is killed by Gohan.

Cell Jr.: Creatures that spawned from Cell. Each are very powerful. Seven of these creatures fight the Z worriers, but are defeated by Gohan when he goes SSJ-2.

Chaozu: Good friends with Tienshinhan. He is short and pale and is a master at telepathing.

Chi-Chi: Married to Goku and has two sons named Gohan and Goten. She is usually angry at Goku and Gohan.

King Cold:The father of Freeza and Koola. He is easily killed by Future Trunks.

Dende: Rescued by Kuririn and Gohan from death in the Freeiza saga. But later on he does get killed. Unlike the other warrior Nameks, Dende is a has the power to heal others from death.

Dodoria: Dodoria is one of Freeza's bodyguard warriors. Dodoria is a huge pink fighter who picks on those weaker them him. He is killed by Vegita.


Fat Buu: The demon known as Buu was created five million years ago by the dark mage Bibidi. As Buu began attacking the universe, the five overgods (Kaioshins) attempted to destroy him. Three of the Kaioshins were killed, and the Dai Kaioshin was absorbed, becoming a permanent part of the demon.

Freeza: One of the most powerful warriors in the universe, he runs a group of criminals who clear life from habitable planets and then sell the worlds to the highest bidder. He goes to Namek to gather the dragon balls and wish for eternal life, but fails. He battles Goku and is defeated, but not killed. He comes to Earth later on, and is part android. He was then killed by Future Trunks.

Garlic Jr.: Gathers the Dragon Balls and wishes for eternal life. He makes a DeadZone to suck up the Z worriers, but he was sucked into the darkness of the DeadZone. Later he comes back to Earth to try to become the Guardian of Earch but he makes the DeadZone and is sucked in once again.

Captain Ginyu: Leader of the Ginyu force, he is by far the strongest of them all. He has the power to swap bodies. On Namek, he accidently swaped bodies with a frog.

Gogita: Is the fusion of Goku and Vegita without the Potarra earrings.

Gohan: He is the first son of Goku. He is trained by Piccolo and he looks up to Piccolo a lot. He has the potential to be the most powerful being in the universe, but he can no maintain his strength. First saiyan to reach SSJ-2

Goku: The main character of the DragonBall sagas. He was sent to Earth to take it over, but then forgets his mission and then helps out to save Earth. He is very good a the martial arts and can also can use Ki. He is married to Chi-Chi and has two sons named; Gohan and Goten.

Goten: Goten is the second son of Goku and Chi-Chi. Hangs out with Trunks and is a pretty powerful saiyan.

Gotenks: Gotenks is a results of Trunks and Goten perform the fusion dance.

Gregory: A creature that lives with King Kai, that helps train fighters that come to mean with King Kai.



Jisu: A member of the Ginyu force. His is killed by Vegita.

Kame: An dirty old man who is a master at the martial arts. He is the first person to train Goku and Kuririn.

Kami: Created the Dragonballs on earth. He wanted to be the guardian of Earth, but he had a lot of evil in him. So he split into two people. Kami who is good and Piccolo-Daimao.

Karin: Grower of the rejuvinating Senzu beans and guardian of the holy water, Karin lives in a tower that hangs just below Kami-sama's lookout.

Koola: Brother of Freeza. Koola can change into a 5th form, one more than his brother.

Kuririn: Is the most powerful human on Earth. Later on he marries Android #18. He is short and bald, but later grows his hair back.


Marron: She is the daughter of Krillin and Android 18. She is named after Krillin's ex-girlfriend.

Nappa: Nappa is Vegita's partner when they come to Earth. He is tall, well built, and not to smart. He is killed by Vegita.

Nail: The strongest warrior-type Namek on Namek. Nail is the bodyguard of the Great Elder.

North Kaio-sama: Also known as king Kai. He lives at the end of Snake Way on a tiny planet with tremendous gravity. He loves to hear and give jokes. He has a monkey named Bubbles and and creature named Gregory.

Oolong: A pig looking character in DragonBall. He is a coward and doesn't really do much...

Pan: She is Gohan and Videl's daughter. Pan is 1/4 Saiyan, and is the strongest female in DragonBall.

Piccolo: Is a Namek and is the offspring of Piccolo-Daimao from the original. Like his father, his intentions are evil, but is good to Gohan. He has very powerful attacks andis able to regenerating body parts.

Mr. Popo: He is Kami's best friend and assistant.

Porunga: Porunga is the Eternal Dragon of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Grants three wishes.

Puaru: Yamcha's pet and close friend.


Raditsu: The weakest of the surviving Saiyan. He is sent by Freeza to check on Goku and see why Earth was not ready to be sold yet. He finds that Goku had forgotten his mission, and he kidnapps Gohan. He is defeated by Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan.

Rikum: A member of the Ginyu Force. Is very large and well built. Rikum isn't too bright, but he relies on his power.

Mr. Satan: Is the strongest man on Earth who cannot use ki. He has a daughter named Videl, who becomes much stronger than her father and Videl marries Gohan.

Shenron: Shenron is the eternal dragon of the Earth Dragon Balls. Grants one wish.

Tenshinhan: Good friend of Goku. Has 3 eyes. He also has very powerful attacks.

Trunks: Vegita and Bulma's first offspring. There are two Trunks, Future Trunks and Chibi Trunks. Future Trunks came from to future the warn the Z warriors about the androids. Chibi Trunks is a baby in DBZ, but is 8 in DBGT. Chibi Trunks reaches Super Saiyan at age 8.

Uubu:A human reincarnation of the Majin Buu. He beats Mr. Satan's and has title of World's Greatest Fighter. Fights Goku at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Vegita: Is the Prince of all saiyans. Vegita has the bloodline to become a Super Saiyan elite. Vegita is jealous of Goku's superior fighting ability.

King Vegita: King of all Saiyans and father of Vegita. Is killed by Freeza.

Vegitto: With the use of the Potara earrings, Vegita and Goku become Vegitto.

Videl: Gohan's girlfriend. Gohan teaches Videl how to fly and fight. Videl and Gohan marry, and have a baby girl named Pan.

Dr. Wheelo: Villian in the movie "The Worlds Strongest". His brain was placed in a robot. He Tries to transfer his brain into the strongest body in the world, which he thought was Master Roshi, but finds out that Goku is the strongest.


Yajirobe: Lives at Karin's Tower, he is often the deliverer of Senzu beans to the Z warriors. He is fat and is a coward, but he is a handy sword-man.

Yamcha: A friend of Goku. He gets very nervous around girls accept Bulma. Bulma and Yamcha are together for most of DB and DBZ, but Bulma then goes after Vegita.

Zaabon: Zaabon is Furiza's right-hand man. He is a pretty good looking, but he has the ability to transform into a huge, brutal monster

Sherry has created an unforgettable impression as one of TV's favorite Moms. Her unflappable attitude and deadpan delivery are an inspiration.

Born: 1945

Other TV and Movie Appearances: "My Favorite Martian," "Hairspray" (directed by John Waters)


Gogeta the fusion of goku and vegeta by the fusion dance when they use kaioshin earings the form vegeto