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sai-jin stages

The Normal Sayian
Ok normally Sayians all have black hair thats kinda spikey in this form and they could pass for ordinary people, minus the fact of course that they have a tail. More often then not, Saiyan's tend to have wacky hair dues. All Sayian's power level grows and advances after each and every fight. The closer they come to death and live, the more their power level will increase. Another way to gain power as a Sayian is to look at the full moon. This increases a Sayian's power ten fold.

Some Interesting Facts
Trunks is a Sayian and he has purple hair, he is an exeption because he has mixed parents (Vegeta & Bulma), he is not a full Sayian.

Another exception to this rule is the female Sayian that was a member of Bardock's force.

The Super Sayian
The first person to reach this level was Goku while fighting Freeza. To become a super sayian, they must build up lots of anger, Goku turned because he was fed up with Freeza killing people and after he killed Krillin, that pushed him over the edge. If the Sayian can push as much anger as possiable the transformation should occur, and the result being a spike up of golden/yellow hair with greenish blueish eyes. Coming along with this is the golden aura, which surronds the Sayian. The level of Super Sayian dramatically increases speed and agility.

Some Interesting Facts
Vegeta got jealous of Goku's ability to go Super Saiyan before him. He trained so hard almost killing himself to become a SSJ.

Goten was the first to naturally go Super Saiyan without needing extreme anger.

The Super Sayian Level 2
To get to this stange reqires extreme anger as well, however it is far easier to access level one of Super Saiyan then it is to make the transition to the second level. Any Saiyan that reaches the first level can eventually get to Super Saiyan Level 2. The first to reach this stage was Gohan durring the Cell Saga. If the Saiyan gets to Super Saiyan Level 2 correctly their hair wil become a solid gold color and the hair will still stick up and the aura will still be there.
Some Interesting Facts
SSJ2 have the ability to adjust strength and speed, so they don't use more energy then they need too.
Vegeta was the one to discover the ability to change the speed/strength factor.

The Super Sayian Level 3
Well, the next step up from Super Saiyan Level 2 (duh.) To get to this level is not an easy task. It requires (much like the transformation to Super Sayian) a lot of strength. There really is only one physical diffenence between SSJ2 and SSJ3. That is the the hair become really long, and creates the fighter with a more dangerous look. This stage of Super Saiyan, greatly increases a Saiyans power, speed and strength, however it uses up a lot of strength in the process.

Some Interesting Facts
Goku was the only Saiyan to reach this level.

The fusioned from of Gotenks was the only combined from that reached Super Saiyan Level 3.

The Super Sayian Level 4
This is the level that no one has passed. . . . yet(j/k). The form is the most powerfull, but when you are to see one you wouldn't think so. They don't have gold hair and there is no aura surronding them. The physical changes are,the hair returns to black (almost flat might I add) their tail become really noticable as well and their eyes go red. (Ohh freaky) Goku was the first to reach this stage. This stage of SSJ is extremely powerful and increases all aspects of the Saiyan, in this form their power level sky rockets! In this form, the Saiyan Rage doesn't seem to show as much as it does in the other stages of Super Saiyan, and they will tire out quickly.

Some Interesting Facts
This form doesn't look like any other SS form, so if you still want to call it an SS form you can.

Goku was the only Saiyan to reach this form naturally. Vegeta only got it because Bulma built a ray to induce him to ss4.